How can I book a Horse-Riding Lesson?

Please use our contact us form or call Poppyfield Equestrian Centre. You cannot book or cancel lessons by e-mail.

There is an answer-phone service, if you would like to leave a message, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. We are open 7 days a week.

Will I have the same instructor each time?

We always try to maintain continuity with Instructors, however, please take into consideration factors such as sickness, holiday and so forth.

If you would like to try another Instructor you are more than welcome to do so and this can be arranged by one of our team.

How do I pay and what happens if I need to cancel my lesson?

Payment is required, in full, on booking in for your lesson and can be made by cash or cheque. We do not have the facility to accept credit or debit cards.

If you need to cancel your lesson we require a minimum of 24 hour's notice or you may still be charged.

What sort of horses do you have?

We have horses and ponies of various shapes, sizes and types who will accommodate most levels of rider. You can view our current horses and ponies on the Meet the Team page.

How long prior to my lesson do I need to arrive?

If you are a new client, please arrive at least 20 minutes before your lesson to enable one of our team to welcome you and so that you may complete one of our Rider Registration Forms.

If you are a regular client, 10 minutes is sufficient however please be aware that we run a punctual timetable and if you are late you may lose valuable lesson time.

Is there a weight limit for the horses and ponies?

Each horse has a weight limit that alters as the horse gets older or less fit. Although riding a horse that is not up to your weight may not cause it an injury at the time, repeated use will cause back and leg problems.

All riders complete a Rider Registration Form on their first lesson and are asked their height and weight. At the moment the upper weight limit of our horses and ponies is 14½ stone, however, please contact us if you do not meet this limit as we may have additional horses available.

I don't have any riding gear or equipment. What should I wear/bring?

Riding Hat - we have riding hats in a variety of sizes which meet the current safety standards which you may hire (£1) for your lessons.
Footwear should be of sturdy construction but not too bulky, with a smooth sole and a 1/2inch heel to prevent the foot slipping through the stirrup. Parents leading children on ponies for lead rein lessons must also wear appropriate footwear. Open toed shoes are not permitted (even on a hot day).
Clothing - Jogging Trousers, thick leggings or comfortable stretchy trousers are generally considered more comfortable than jeans. Trousers must be long not ¾ length. A sweatshirt or T-shirt is fine but please take note that we do not allow riders to ride in strappy t-shirts.
Jewellery - with the exception of a watch or a wedding ring, jewellery should be removed where possible. Looped earrings are not permitted.
Mouth braces or glasses should also be removed if possible.
Riders should always empty pockets before riding and never ride with any solid items like keys/mobile phone in order to prevent personal injury.
Hair - Hair which is exceptionally long should be tied up. Long hair should be secured in a pony tail or similar.
Whips - should be carried by all with the exception of complete beginners who are on the lunge or very novice children.
When purchasing riding equipment please be advised that any safety items should be professionally fitted to ensure maximum protection.