Our Team

Jo Morton

You will often see Jo in the week when booking in for private lessons

Zoe Hall
Yard Manager

You will often see Zoe in the week when booking in for private lessons and on a weekend, Zoe will no doubt be booking you in for your group lessons on a Saturday and occasional Sundays

Jodie Hall

Jodie is our instructor in the week and on Saturday afternoons. You will also see Jodie doing yard work on weekdays and weekends and occasionally booking you in.

Emma Elliott

Having come from a non horsey family, I learned to ride at the local riding school. I never owned my own horse until I was an adult and so have a strong ethos that anyone can achieve success if they are determined and committed and have correct and supportive coaching.
The welfare of the horse and rider is paramount in my coaching; both need to enjoy the work and both need to understand the training being given…this way both build confidence and strength.
I am 100% committed to building confidence and skill on the flat and over fences.

Jack Swinnock
Maintenance/Handy Man

You will see Jack throughout the week and on a weekend. Jack helps with our horse care and general maintenance on the yard.

Sam Goldman
Horse Carer

You will see Sam throughout the week and mainly on a Sunday when booking in. Sam helps with our horses care and exercise.

Our Horses and Ponies

14hh – Mare – Black – Welsh Cob

Beauty is one of our more advanced rides, however she is very safe but can be forward. She loves her show jumping.

15hh – Mare – Black – Irish Cob

Blossom is a very safe ride for the younger or novice rider. However, Blossom can be pushed for the more advanced rider. She loves her carrots and being groomed.

13.3hh – Mare – Skewbald – Irish Cob X

Bluey is one of our more advanced ponies. She is such a friendly pony and loves a cuddle. Her favourite activity is show jumping.

14.2hh – Gelding – Piebald – Irish Cob

Bobbie is one of the yard favourites and is very popular with our clients. He enjoys a range of lessons from beginner all the way through to the advanced. He loves his riders and his likits.

14.3hh – Gelding – Piebald – Welsh Cob

Dazzle will usually be seen in his stable looking for fuss from a passer-by. He is very friendly and is used mostly in private lessons or in the advanced riding groups.

14hh – Mare – Cream/White Tobiano – Welsh Cob

Dream is an unusual colour, she is a cream and white tobiano. She is a very sweet natured pony who loves her work and is another one of our newer additions.

13hh – Gelding – Bay – Welsh Section C

Fred is one of our newest additions. He will most likely be seen in the more advanced lessons. He loves his jumping and his mints

13hh – Gelding – Black – Welsh Section B

Jack is our youngest pony on the yard who is only 3. He has started his education and has now been turned away to mature ready to restart his education next year. He’s a very friendly and cuddly little pony.

14.2hh – Mare – Black – Irish Cob

Lady is one our friendliest ponies. She loves her job of teaching people the ropes. She enjoys her stud muffins and kisses.

16.1hh – Gelding – Black – Cleveland Bay X

Everyone falls for Lucas. He is a stunning horse that catches everyone’s eye. He is our biggest riding school horse on the yard and is only used in the hour groups.

15.1hh – Mare – Piebald – Tradition Gypsy Cob

When Lulu is in the field, she will mostly be found eating or flat out asleep. She has a canter that has been described as an armchair. She loves to barrel race.

13.1hh – Mare – Black – Cob

Magic is very well known for her beautiful moustache. She is good on and off lead rein. Some days she may need a little bit more encouragement but generally she’s a very good girl and loves her scratches.

12.2hh – Gelding – Grey – Welsh Section B

Moonie is another one of our cheeky chaps. He’s got such a big character. He’s very loving especially if you give him his favourite fruity treats.

10hh – Mare – Chestnut – Shetland

Pickles is our resident Shetland, she is very friendly and loves eating. She is known for having a love heart on her bottom when clipped and having an Afro for a mane. She’s the mascot for Poppyfield Equestrian Centre.

12hh – Mare – Grey – Welsh Section A
Polo is one of our smallest cheeky ponies.
She likes her food and her treats. And yes, she does like a POLO here and there.
13.2hh – Mare – Tribald – Welsh Cob

Skye is one of our mid-sized ponies and is great for small children and adults. She loves her jumping and her snacking on grass. She’s great for nervous riders all the way through to our advance riders.

13.3hh – Mare – Piebald – Cob

Snowy is one of our safest ponies. She is great on and off lead rein and teaching little people how to ride. She loves carrots and having cuddles in the field.

11.2hh – Mare – Grey – Welsh Section A

Tammy is one of our smaller ponies. She is great on and off lead rein and to help build a rider’s confidence. She loves her salt licks and her best friend Magic.